1. What is Nuuvem?

    Nuuvem is a digital games distribution platform (and proudly Brazilian). It's the easiest way to obtain your games through the web. Once you buy your games, they will ALWAYS be available to you in your account, to be downloaded and installed.

  2. Does Nuuvem sell games in a physical medium?

    No. We focus solely on distributing games through download (and it is so much easier!).

  3. Can I buy console games (PS4, Xbox, etc) on Nuuvem as well?

    No not yet. We focus on selling PC, Mac and Linux games.

  4. Are Nuuvem's games legit?

    Hell yes! All games distributed by Nuuvem are always authorized directly by the publishers. A share of each sale is redirected to the publisher and all taxes are properly collected. Therefore, when you buy at Nuuvem, you'll be receiving a game that's 100% legit and legal.

  5. Who supplies Nuuvem's games?

    The games are directly supplied by the big guys! Mainly publishers such as Konami, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, etc.

  6. Are Nuuvem's games in Russian?

    None of our games are Russian versions. This is because Nuuvem is an official and licensed games distribution platform and not a mere "key reseller".

  7. What is the difference between a digital games distribution platform and a "key reseller"?

    A "key reseller" will sell you only the game's key. Usually they make use of a sale or favorable exchange rate to buy a big allotment of keys at a lower price (usually at a platform like Steam or Origin in countries like Russia, due to the favorable exchange rate) and then create a site to resell these keys at a profit. A digital games distribution platform is something WAY bigger. It doesn't simply sell you a key, it sells you the complete game with everything you might need to activate, download and install it. Moreover, a platform offers an efficient and dedicated customer support. This is what Nuuvem does best! :)

  8. Is Nuuvem's customer support open 24/7?

    Yes. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, including holidays. We try our best to answer all the requests in up to 2 days, but sometimes due to high demand, it can take a bit longer than expected.

  9. There's this one game that I REALLY want! When will it be available at Nuuvem?

    Oh we know how that feels! The availability of a certain game within our platform is dependent on its publisher and most of the time there isn't an specific date for that to occur (we know that sucks). Generally, if the publisher of the game you want already has some of its games available on Nuuvem, it is likely that the one you want will be available soon as well. Remember that only games that are previously authorized by the publisher can be sold at Nuuvem. In any case, there is a topic in our forum where you can tell us which game you'd like to get at Nuuvem. We'll try our best to get it! Click here to see that topic.

  10. Can I order and reserve games through Nuuvem?

    Nuuvem doesn't allow game reservation. They are included in the platform only when we get the authorization from the publishers. There are, however, pre-orders of many of our new game releases, where you are able pre-purchase games before they are available. Once the game is released you will be able to download it right away. Make sure to sign in to our newsletter to know when pre-orders are offered!

  11. Do I have to pay for my account at Nuuvem?

    Signing up for a Nuuvem account is entirely free. You don't have to pay to be a member or to keep your account active.

  12. If I buy a game at Nuuvem, can I play its multiplayer mode normally with my friends who own the same game on another platform, such as Origin or Steam?

    Yes! It's important to keep in mind that Nuuvem, Steam, Origin and other platforms pretty much just sell the games. The multiplayer matches take place directly in the servers of the game's publisher. Since all of our games are legally obtained and sold, you will never have to worry about being banned for using illegal or pirated copies!

  13. Can I send my game to another person's account?

    This isn't possible yet... :(

  1. Are there other payment methods apart from the ones present in the cart?

    No, we're sorry. The only payment options available are the ones shown in your cart. We are always looking to add more options for our customers, so do let us know which ones we might be missing!

  2. I can't access my account in one of the payment gateways. Can you help me?

    Unfortunately Nuuvem doesn't have access to the user accounts in any of the gateways provided. Nuuvem's account is different from the gateway's account. If your problem is in the gateway's account, please contact their support directly, ok?

  3. When will the game I ordered become available to me?

    Each payment method/gateway has a different confirmation period that is informed in the cart. The game is made available to you within this time frame. Keep in mind that Saturdays, Sundays and holidays aren't business days and that some gateways can take longer than others to approve your purchase.

  4. Do I have to send a payment confirmation to have access to my game?

    No, not at all! We receive payment confirmations directly from the gateway.

  5. If I send payment confirmations will that speed up the release of my order?

    No. Only the payment gateway can confirm the payment. Your game will only become available in your Nuuvem account once the payment status is marked as complete by the gateway.

  6. [Brazil customers only] May I pay the boleto bancário at any bank?

    Yes. A boleto can be paid at any bank, lotteries and also through online banking.

  7. [Brazil customers only] I couldn't print the boleto or I somehow lost it. What should I do?

    In this case you have 3 options:
    You can ignore the order made by boleto and repeat your purchase so that you get a new boleto. The previous order should be canceled automatically in a few days (and there are no penalties for you).
    You can check or wait for PagSeguro's e-mail offering you the option to complete the payment. There you'll find the link for the boleto.
    You can click on Contact Us on the list to the left and request us to resend you the boleto.

  8. [Brazil customers only] I bought a game during a promotion using boleto. If the payment if confirmed after the promotion ends, will I still get the game I bought?

    Yes you will! The important thing is to pay it on or before the due date informed on the boleto, regardless if the promotion ended or not. The end of the promotion should not affect your purchase in this case.

  9. I bought my game a little before the pre-order offer expired. If the payment is confirmed on the game's release day or after, will my purchase be a pre-order or a regular one?

    If the payment is confirmed by the chosen gateway before the game's release, it'll be considered a pre-order. If it's done on the release day or after, it'll be a regular purchase. If this is the case, we can't guarantee that you will get the pre-order bonuses that would come with the game since those rules are defined by the publisher.

  10. Does Nuuvem accept payments using international credit cards?

    Yes! It is possible to pay through international credit cards as well as local cards in some countries.

  11. I've paid with my credit card. Why is my order under analysis?

    Credit card payments usually go through the payment gateway's risk analysis team. This is done to verify if the order is legit. Approval shouldn't take long, but if it does, please contact the payment gateway support.

  12. My credit card order was canceled. Why?

    Unfortunately we don't have access to the reasons that led the gateway to cancel the order. Maybe the information provided by you in the gateway's account doesn't match the credit card owner's information. A canceled order doesn't block you from re-purchasing at Nuuvem and selecting the same payment method. So if your order was canceled, you can try again at any moment.

  13. The credit card company had already approved my purchase and my order was canceled for no apparent reason! Why?

    Sometimes the credit card company approves the purchase before the gateway's risk analysis team concludes the analysis of the transaction. If the order is canceled and the purchase was approved by the card company, the gateway you chose will refund you in your next credit card bill. In case the refund doesn't occur, you'll have to contact the gateway's support.

  14. I've chosen the wrong payment method or changed my mind. How can I cancel it?

    If you haven't paid yet, you can just ignore your order and it'll be automatically canceled after some time. You don't have to wait for your order to be cancelled in order to place a new one.

  15. How can I get a promo code at Nuuvem and what is it for?

    The promo code is used as a way of refunding our customers or can be also handed out as a result of a marketing campaign, such as draws on social networks. You should input them in your cart and a specific amount will be discounted from your order.

  16. My game was already paid for and available in my account, but I received an e-mail saying it was canceled. I'd like to know what happened!

    It might be possible that a same game was ordered more than once through your Nuuvem account, due to a mistake or mix-up. One of the transactions is concluded and the other ones, that are repeated and contain the same game, remain forgotten in the "pending" or "analysis" limbo, until they are canceled by the gateway. So you must make sure that the cancelled order was one of those duplicated orders that was placed by mistake, and not the order that was actually completed and that was made available to you in your account at Nuuvem.

  17. What is Nuuvem's refund policy?

    Apart from the laws that abide, all the transactions are final and non-refundable or exchangeable, but there are two situations where we can go through with the refund:
    • In case you don't receive your game;
    • In case you don't see your activation key in your Nuuvem account.

    In relation to the second situation, in case you've noticed that you bought a wrong game or any other issue, don't open up the activation key in your Nuuvem account, for that will stop us from being able to provide any refunds or exchanges. Instead, get in touch with our Support immediately, explaining what happened so that we can try and help you out.

  1. Can I activate all my games bought at Nuuvem through Steam or Origin?

    No. Make sure you check for this information on the IMPORTANT section of the product page. If Steam or Origin isn't shown there, the download and installation will have to be done directly through the installer available in your Nuuvem account. The activation will happen through the game's launcher, after installation.

  2. I tried to activate my key in Steam but I got an "invalid key" message. Why?

    The first step is to check if, in the product's page under IMPORTANT, it was informed that the game is a Steam version. If it isn't shown there, then it is not possible to activate it through Steam.

    The second step, in case it does state in the product page that the game is Steam compatible and you still get the invalid key message, is to check if you're typing in the key exactly as it's showing up in your Nuuvem account. Try copying and pasting (CTRL+C and CTRL+V) instead of manually typing the key.
    Important Note: Nuuvem NEVER sends activation keys through e-mail. Transaction codes sent by the payment gateways are commonly mistaken as the game key. The transaction code sent by e-mail only serves the purpose of tracking your payment in the gateway.

    The third step, in case your game is Steam compatible and you are typing in the correct key, is sending us your ticket through Contact Us to the left, so that our customer relationship specialists can help you resolve the issue.

  3. I tried redeeming my game in Origin, but I got an "invalid key" message. Why?

    The first step is to check if, in the product's page under IMPORTANT, it was informed that the game is a Steam version. If it isn't shown there, then it is not possible to activate it through Origin.

    The second step, in case it does state in the product page that the game is Origin compatible and you still get the invalid key message, is to check if you're typing in the key exactly as it's showing up in your Nuuvem account. Try copying and pasting (CTRL+C and CTRL+V) instead of manually typing the key.
    Important Note: Nuuvem NEVER sends activation keys through e-mail. Transaction codes sent by the payment gateways are commonly mistaken as the game key. The transaction code sent by e-mail only serves the purpose of tracking your payment in the gateway.

    The third step, in case your game is Origin compatible and you are typing in the correct key, is clicking on Contact Us to the left, so that our customer relationship specialists can help you resolve the issue.

  4. A friend of mine has the same game that I bought at Nuuvem. If I install my friend's game on my PC without downloading it through Nuuvem, will my key work?

    Yes. If your friend's game is exactly the same one you bought in Nuuvem, it is possible to install it with his game installer, without having to download it through Nuuvem. But keep in mind that the game versions have to be the same, for instance, a non-Steam game won't be compatible with a Steam game installer.

  5. Does the activation key have an expiration date? Or any other sort of limitation?

    Activation keys don't expire. You can buy and activate them whenever you decide, even if several months later. Keys that are activated in platforms such as Steam, Origin or Uplay for instance, are linked to only one account in the platform where it was activated and, therefore, can't be activated again on other accounts. Keys from platforms such as Tages or SecuROM have a general limit of 3 activations. If you reach this limit, click the link on the left that says Contact Us and our staff will assist you with it.

  6. What is DRM?

    DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. It is a protection some developers apply to their games in order to hinder their unauthorized use (piracy). Activation keys are commonly used in that sense.

  7. What is DRM-Free? Why doesn't my game have an activation key and in its place I see the message "not necessary"?

    Some publishers prefer not to use DRM to activate their games and, therefore, have no need for an activation key. These games are usually classified as DRM-free. To play them, just download and install the game. No more activation key nuisance! :)

  8. Are DRM-Free games pirated?

    Not at all! Unfortunately, piracy itself created a mindset in the gaming industry that for a game to be legit, it has to have some sort of DRM (which isn't true!). Some publishers believe that the DRM isn't worthwhile, because it complicates the lives of their customers and so they prefer to not impose any form of copy protection in the game. Note that only authorized platforms such as Nuuvem can distribute DRM-Free games.

  9. I've pre-ordered a game. Why is the key not appearing in my account?

    The majority of pre-order keys are reserved at the publisher and are only made available by them upon the game's release. In some cases, the key can be made available before the release date, allowing a pre-load of the game, but that doesn't happen frequently.

  1. Can I also install my game on another computer?

    Yes, you can. As long as you make sure that no one else will have access to your game, you are allowed to install on another machine you own.

  2. I have several games on Nuuvem, but they are downloaded through different methods. Why?

    This depends on the way the publisher decides the game will be distributed by Nuuvem. Currently there are two possible types of download: through a mini-downloader or a direct link. The mini-downloader is an extremely light program that has to be downloaded and launched. This software will download the complete game to your computer. when the download is via direct link, you can use the download manager available in your account to download the complete game or another manager that you might prefer that will download parts of the game separately (for instance, Free Download Manager or Orbit). Games that are distributed in Steam, Origin or Uplay versions (that information is stated under IMPORTANT in the product's page) require that the download takes place in the platform indicated.

  3. Is it possible to pause the download of my games and continue it later?

    When the download is by direct link, it is possible to pause and continue the download at any time. There is a button on the download manager with that exact function. When the download is through the mini-downloader, the "pause" button isn't visible, because that function is already integrated in the software. When you click on the close button, you'll see a message stating that you may continue the download the next time the program is executed. Once you start the download again, you will be asked if you'd like to continue with the previous download. Just click on YES to resume.

  4. The mini-downloader is downloading my game, but I don't know in which folder it is saving the files. How can I find that out?

    In the beginning of the download a message states in which folder the game is being stored. This is also shown when the mini-downloader is closed. If you haven't altered the default folder indicated by the mini-downloader, it is usually a folder with a random numeric sequence, like "C:\347920"

  5. I've noticed that the size of my game's files in Nuuvem is different from the same game in Origin/Steam. Why is that?

    The size of the files is an approximation, because it might take into account the virtual memory needed to complete the installation. The game itself is exactly the same.

  6. Why is my download so slow?

    This depends on several factors. The access to the network can peak on several occasions during the day and, due to that, the download rate can vary a lot. It is also helpful to close programs that might be running in the background of our PC and that can interfere with the download (such as Windows' automatic update, Torrents, etc)

  7. My mini-downloader is crashing. How can I solve this?

    Before starting your download, turn off antivirus software and your firewall and leave them that way until the download comes to an end. This is needed because frequently they interfere with mini-downloader.

  8. I wanted to know if a specific game will run on my PC. How can I check that?

    On the product page you'll have access to the System Requirements for the game. So you'll just have to compare your PC specs to the ones stated on the page. There are also several sites that have a demo version of the game available for download. Download the demo, install and play it. Did it run smoothly? Did you like the game? So why are you still there, thinking? Come back to Nuuvem and buy it! ;)

  9. My game doesn't have downloadable files. What happened?

    This can occur in the following situations:
    Your game is a DLC - Go to the product page of the game you just bought and check if it's a DLC. If it is a DLC, it should be stated under IMPORTANT which standalone game it requires so it can be played. The DLC should be activated through the launcher of the main game, as stated under IMPORTANT.
    Your game requires activation and download through an external platform - Check under IMPORTANT if this game is a Steam, Origin or Uplay version. These types of games don't have downloadable files in Nuuvem and should be downloaded directly in the platform previously informed. There will be a PDF manual in your Nuuvem account that guides you through this activation process.

  1. Can I contact the publisher's support directly?

    If you are having a problem with a game you bought at Nuuvem, first click on the link to the left that says Contact Us to talk to our support team. If it is a known issue, we might be able to help. But if we can't help you reach a solution (i.e. it's a problem with the game itself), then we recommend that you contact the publisher's support directly so that your issue can be further investigated.

  2. How do I know which publisher I should contact?

    Check the game's product page in Nuuvem. The respective publishers are stated there under Publishers.

  3. I do not speak Portuguese...

    We've got you covered! If you speak English or Spanish, you can change the site's language to one of those. You can do that by choosing the language you prefer from the top right corner of Nuuvem's site.
    In case you don't speak any of those 3 languages, try Google Translator - Nuuvem to select a different one.

  4. What should I include in the message I'll send to their customer support?

    The publisher's support might have different requirements, but this is what they usually ask for:

    DXDIAG report - If your game is crashing, freezing, not launching, etc, send the support in your first contact, a DXDIAG report, for this will be the first thing they'll ask you to do. This report is important because it gives the support team a broader view of your computer's specs and configurations and allows them to identify abnormalities. To generate the DXDIAG report, do the following:
    • Click START on your Windows toolbar;
    • In the search box, type DXDIAG and press ENTER;
    • When the DXDIAG opens, select SAVE ALL INFORMATION;
    • This will create a notepad file with the DXDIAG report;
    • Send this file to the publisher's support.

    Images that might help identify the issue - Take screenshots or pictures that serve as evidence of the problem. Preferably, avoid sending images that are heavier than 1 MB. The more useful pictures you send, the easier it'll be to identify the issue!

    And remember:
    • Be patient: don't send several tickets or e-mails about the same problem;
    • Go straight to the point: Be clear and succinct;
    • Be polite. Swearing and threatening never serves any good.

  5. OK, I get it. How can I contact the publishers?

    Nuuvem sells games from lots of publishers and each one of them has a dedicated support team. Click here to see how to contact each publisher individually.

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